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Organic Sprouted Ragi & Dry fruit Malt / Health Mix (800g) : 2 Packs of 400Gms

Per 800 gm

Product details
  • Ragi, a hero among millets, is popular among health enthusiasts for its immense health benefits.
  • Sprouted Ragi Dry fruit health mix is consumed across the country in different forms and is known by different names such as Ragi Millet Mix, Organic Ragi Drink, Ragi Dry fruit powder, or a simple Health Mix.
  • Top 10 Health Benifits of Healthy Panda RAGI & DRYFRUIT MALT:
  1. NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS: Sprouted Ragi Ragi has high amounts of fiber in it that keeps your stomach full and stops you from unwanted cravings. This helps in weight loss.
  2. STRONGER BONE: Most Indians start experiencing Bone loss between the age of 35-40. Sprouted Ragi offers 10X Calcium than regular Ragi. So instead of popping calcium pills, it is recommended that you drink Ragi Dry fruit Malt every day for healthy & stronger bone health.
  3. HELPS CONTROLS BLOOD SUGAR : Studies show that, Sprouted Ragi blended with rich dry fruits like Pistachio, Almonds, dates, Cumin help in controlling Blood sugar levels. and helps in preventing Diabetes.
  4. HELPS CONTROL BLOOD PRESSURE :  Magnesium helps in controlling Blood Pressure to a great extent, Ragi Dry fruit Malt is a perfect combination of Magnesium rich ingredients such as Almonds, Walnut, Cashew, Dates & Ragi
  5. INSTANT ENERGY: Sprouted Ragi with a nutritional blend of Super dry fruits is packed with 2X protein & energy to keep you full and active throughout the day
  6. HELPS REDUCE BAD CHOLESTROL: The Nutritious health Mix is packed with Nuts that help in controlling bad cholesterol levels in our body
  7. STRONGER GUT: The Nuts that are used in Ragi Dry fruit malt are rich in fiber, and help in generating “Good Bacteria” in our Gut, Just keeping our Gut strong & Healthy
  8. KEEPS BODY COOL: One of the most common health issues among major Indians is “Body Heat” which results in various health related issues. Ragi is a wonder Millet which helps in controlling body heat. Sprouted Ragi does in even better!
  9. HELPS IN BRAIN HEALTH: Phytochemicals & Omega-3 fatty acids present in the Nuts, act as antioxidants in the brain to combat inflammation & delay age-related brain decline
  10. WHOLESOME NUTRITION: Just a glass of Sprouted Ragi Dry fruit malt has enough Nutrition required in a meal. So in case you do not have time to cook a healthy & Nutritious meal. Just have a glass of Sprouted Ragi Dry fruit malt
  • Healthy Panda Health Mixes are prepared in small batches so that customers always get fresh products!
  • All our products are made from High-Quality Ingredients which are  100% natural and organic. All our products are free from Preservatives, Artificial Flavor & Artificial color & No added sugar.
  • Healthy Panda Ragi Dry fruit Malt / Ragi Dry fruit Health Mix is prepared by cleaning & sprouting freshly sourced organic Ragi. The sprouted Ragi / Finger millet is then blended well with finely roasted Dry fruits Making it a perfect combination of Health & Taste. Sprouted Ragi Dry fruit malt can be consumed 2 times a day, and aids in weight loss. A glass of Sprouted Ragi Dry fruit malt / Health Mix is equivalent to a meal, so in case you don’t have time for a full meal, just go for a glass of Ragi Dry fruit Malt
  • We all know that Milk is an excellent source of nutrition, that’s the reason it is consumed daily throughout the world. But in order to enhance the taste of the milk, we use different types of Milk mix powders which are full of sugar, flavoring agents & preservatives. The only purpose they serve is taste. But instead of delivering the benefits of milk, they do damage to our body like weight gain! Well, then what’s the solution?
  • Ragi Dry fruit Health Mix is a perfect food for the health and nutrition freaks. With Ragi and a blend of 5 dry fruits, it’s a no-nonsense food. All our Malts are 100% sugar-free, chemical-free, preservatives free making it a perfect daily Nutritional drink.

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