About US

“ It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold & silver” – Mahatma Gandhi


In the fast paced world, everyone tends to look for quick and ready to eat fast food which is full of chemicals, sugars, and preservatives which eventually causes irreparable damage to health with each passing day. A famous quote says, to achieve your Goals & Dreams one must be healthy Physically & Mentally, without which one can hardly achieve anything.


HEALTHY PANDA is a Healthy food start-up with a vision to bring change in individuals lifestyle by offering high quality Nutritious food which will enhance their performance and overall well being. We at HEALTHY PANDA take Health & Nutrition seriously, and thus make sure that each and every ingredient that goes into our product are of top notch quality, Chemical free, sugar free, colour free, and free of preservatives. Each and every product at HEALTHY PANDA is carefully designed and developed to offer 100% Taste & Nutrition, and that’s what our tagline stands for “A perfect blend of Taste & Nutrition”.