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HEALTHY PANDA is a food start up who wants to bring a change in the lifestyle of individuals by providing high quality nutritious food which will enhance their performance and overall well being. we take health and nutrition very seriously and thus make sure that each and every ingredient that goes into our product are of top notch quality and free of preservatives.
In the fast paced world everyone tends to look for quick and ready to eat fast food which is full of chemicals, sugars and preservatives which eventually causes irreparable damage to health to each passing day. a famous quote says, "to achieve your goals and dreams one must he healthy physically and mentally, without which one can hardly achieve anything", considering every word of the quote our first priority is focusing on the nutrition level that we impart in our products and thus make ready to eat everyday food much more healthier and tastier. we ensure excellence in every product that we deliver and will do the same in coming years


These are our products which is a complete package of health benefits that you can consume on daily basis

"Its the health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver"

At Healthy Panda we strictly follow 10 quality mantras seriously to deliver world class products

No added sugar

No preservatives

No added colour

No added flavours

No chemicals/Taste enhancers

100% natural ingredients

Small and fresh batches

Hygeine maintained at every stage

High priority to taste and quality

High quality packaging

Exotic Chutney Powders

Porridge Mix

Sprouted Malt

Ayurvedic Kadha

Exotic Chutneys

We offer 6 types of Exotic Chutneys which are tasty & Healthy! All our chutneys are traditionally prepared in small batches with freshly procured high quality ingredients that go well with many traditional Indian dishes

Porridge Mix

We follow traditional methods like sprouting the grains, sun drying them, finely roasting the sprouted grains and then blending them with a range of exotic roasted nuts & dry fruits

Yes we literally do this! That’s why our porridge mixes are safe & Healthy

Malt- Daily Nutri Drink

A glass of Milk with a spoon of our Malt mixes will keep you full for long with energy so that you are up & going!

All our Malts come with zero Sugar, zero Preservatives & 100% Health

Ayurvedic Kadha/Kashaya

Our Kadha is prepared with 20 Ayurvedic ingredients which have numerous health benefits, and also daily consumption of Kadha helps in improving our Immune system


“I had recently ordered Healthy Panda chutneys & Malts. I must say, their chutneys are very authentic and tasty. I am really satisfied with their taste and quality!”
“I have been using Healthy Panda Multigrain Dry fruit Porridge & Ragi Dry fruit Porridge for my 4 year old daughter. After using both porridge there is lot of improvement in her health and immunity. As she eats very less so with the help of this porridge her intake of dryfruits has increased and she loves the taste.”
“The taste, packaging and quality of their Kashaya & Malt are simply superb. I have been consuming their Kashaya & Ragi Malt everyday as it keeps me full. Not just that, even my friends and neighbours are a big fan of your products!”
“The taste of their chutneys is very Tasty & authentic, I like their packaging very much. I have tried almost all of their chutneys and none of them have disappointed me. Now their chutneys are a part of our Kitchen”
“Hello Healthy Panda Team…Taste of your products is simply yummm….if we eat it once, its sure we cannot replace with other products. The products are exactly the way they say ‘Age old traditional Recipe’ its taste reminded me of my grandmother recipes. It’s best in terms of taste, quality, hygenic packaging, and freshness of products. I request everyone to taste once for sure, next order will be your taste buds choice”
Vijay Laxmi Murgod (BELGAUM)
“I initially ordered their chutneys, which were amazing in terms of flavour & taste, Now I have started using their Malts as well and Porridge for my daughter, I am very much satisfied with overall preparation, I hardly know anyone who sprouts the grains traditionally to prepare malts and Porridges. You have taken care of quality in every aspect right from packaging to Product ”
“Health is the call of the hour. What we eat, determines our mindset and physical health, I am very impressed with HEALTHY PANDA products. Kashaya is our family favourite which we all drink early morning. I ensure that my son has their Ragi Dry fruit Malt with milk every evening, before his sports session. The chutney’s are truly authentic and tasty. It adds a lot of taste to our daily food. Thanks for the wonderful, healthy and pure products which is very difficult to find in present days.”